About US

In Bursa, the heart of textile production in Turkey, the Nesf started its activities in the past few years, textile and fabric industry from a young team with the entrepreneurial culture has been noticed. NESFA, which presents its collections prepared using mainly cotton, polyester, viscose and elastane yarns in various knitting types to its customers, also conducts studies regarding the special demands of its customers.

At the end of 2025 Year of Turkey in the garment industry to be one of the suppliers of fabric familiar with the vision set out in NESF, the strength and quality of domestic fabric production market aims to bring together strangers to him.


As a reliable import partner, NESFA contributes to the international raw material and finished product movement of the apparel industry by meeting the quality and niche fabric needs of its customers.

Continuing to grow with determination despite the textile industry slowing down in the Covid-19 process, NESFA continues to take firm steps forward with its young team. It continues its efforts to expand its customer portfolio in various EU countries, mainly Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as Russia, Africa and South America, and to strengthen its commercial relations with its existing portfolio.

With its strong and experienced contract manufacturing facilities in its resource portfolio, it has the ability to respond to all kinds of fabric and apparel needs with raw materials that do not threaten human health. Small and medium-sized European garment manufacturers