Foreign Trade Services

Thanks to our business connections in Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and North / South America, we have a wide range of marketing.

In this field, we present our own products to our customers, we make presentation combinations with the products of different fabric manufacturers, and we provide marketing support to different companies in foreign trade.


Woven Fabric Production and Supply

In order to meet the needs of our customers in the most accurate way, we follow season trends and use various patterns (such as striped, checker, plaid, dotted, crowbar, printed) prepared by our talented designers.

It produces fabrics in different knitting types, especially crepe, double, voile, poplin, gabardine, viscose, bengaline, philafil, oxford and panama, using first class yarns, especially polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, melange and elastane, and these fabrics are We present to your liking.

In addition, we can respond to special pattern requests from our customers. Thanks to our ability to purchase external services from integrated dyehouses with health standards certificates for many processes such as raising, embossing, mercerized, krinkl, gaze, we are able to meet global needs.

Thanks to our ability to supply various fabrics that are not included in our own production group from different business partners at affordable prices and high quality values, we always offer a sought-after supplier function.


Modeling / Stylist services

With our design team that closely follows the innovations in the fashion industry, besides the designs we produce for our own women’s wear brand Schapshik®, we also provide design support to various local companies, especially baby & kids and women’s wear manufacturers, and prepare original collections.

Contract Textile Production

We have a network of local sewing workshops that we have agreed for the production of Schapshik® products, our own brand, whose social suitability and quality qualifications are audited and approved for healthy production, and we use this network for the production demands of our customers.

We can provide the sewing of professional quality niche products from fabric to package and offer them to our customers in export quality.